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Dent Master is the South East of England's leading paintless dent repair specialist covering Kent & Sussex. Dent Master undertakes both private, retail and motor trade work on all makes and models of cars, vans, bikes and commercial vehicles. We have been trained to the highest standard in removing dents large or small caused by shopping trolleys, car doors, trees, hailstone damage or vandalism. Read More…

What is Paintless Dent Removal or PDR ?

Paintless Dent Removal
Paintless Dent Removal, or PDR is a process that removes minor, medium or hail stone dents on cars and other vehicles without the need for body filler or paint.

There are two main methods of Paintless Dent Removal or PDR. The first involves DentMaster technicians gaining access behind the dented area, then using specially designed tools to manipulate the area and remove the dent. This dent repair method is very difficult to learn and takes months upon months to be able to repair a minor dent back to the perfect shape.

The second method is called Glue Pulling. This technique involves using glue tabs and a glue puller. The technique is used where access to the dent, with bars is difficult or requires excessive trim removal, common places include the roof, the bars along the top and sides of doors and other areas sometimes with restricted access.
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All methods use a specialist reflector board to see exactly were the tip of our tool is or where to place the glue tab, this is a highly skilled job and should NOT be attempted by an untrained person thinking they will have a go, as this will make the repair harder or impossible to complete.

In most cases, these methods of dent removal produce an almost invisible repair and sometimes even 100% invisible and never to be seen again.

We repair dents most customers thought were impossible to remove and have been told by other companies or car body shops that a new panel would be required. We offer a no fix no fee service to reassure you that we can fix these dents and give you the confidence that if we can't fix it you haven't lost anything.

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"Dentmaster came out to my home in Medway after I approached them asking for help with the my dented rear corners of my 2007 Ford C-Max. I agreed to have the work done and I couldn't believe the results, an absolutely amazing job and you would never know the dents were there. Superb service, really pleased with the results and at a competitive price. Dentmasters paintless dent removal work was carried out to the highest standard, with the least hassle. Steve is a perfectionist and took the time to get the work right. Steve is a clear professional in this market and I would highly recommend Dentmaster"

"We only trust Dent Master to work on our customers vehicles, it saves us so much time and money because we dont need to use filler and paint"

Riverdale Body Repairs

"Thank you for restoring my wife's beloved MX5 to its original condition after someone left a rather nasty car park dent in the passenger door. Excellent job. great service and value for money, what more can I say!"

Simon T

"What a amazing service. Really professional and efficient. My husband will never know about the dent!!.Thank you for your help and I will be recommending your service to all my friends and family."

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