Large paint repair, Mercedes C Class, Horsham

Paintwork repair   •   Mercedes C Class   •   Horsham

The client in this case contacted us about a dent and scuff down the side of his Mercedes.

Firstly he was concerned about the quality of the repair, but also whether we could do this at their home, as his wife was disabled.

We reassured the client that the repairs would be perfect and that we could carry these out at a time that was good for them.

On completion of the repairs and careful inspection by the client (who, before retirement, was a car spray sprayer), he was amazed with the high quality repair to their beloved Mercedes.

Thanks Alan and Margaret for choosing Car-smart.

No fix, no fee!

We offer a no fix, no fee service to reassure you that we can fix these dents and give you the confidence that if we can't fix it you haven't lost anything.

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Bad car roof damage

Before repair

Repaired car roof damage

After repair