Large dent repair, VW Polo, Dormansland

Large dent repair   •   VW Polo   •   Dormansland

The client of this badly damaged VW Polo front wing called UK Dentmaster through recommendation.

On receiving the pictures, we assured the client that we could repair this damage, even though it was pretty bad.

After around 3 hours we were able to bring the panel back to its original shape.

The client was amazed and also relieved as this was their daughter's car that had been damaged on their driveway.

The added bonus was not having to claim on any insurances and with no inconvenience or embarrassment to the client.

Another very happy customer.

Thank you for choosing UK Dentmaster

No fix, no fee!

We offer a no fix, no fee service to reassure you that we can fix these dents and give you the confidence that if we can't fix it you haven't lost anything.

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Large dent, VW Polo

Before repair

Repaired dent on VW Polo

After repair